I always wanted a house in India which matches the present standard of my living. But on the second thought was very uncomfortable with the idea of dealing with a builder back their in India doubting their credentials. But Disha Estate Management bridged this gap for me by providing the best of their knowledge and guidance by making me buy a real good apartment. Not only a dream comes true to buy a good property which doubles as a good investment, the process was a smooth sail as if filing a tax return..! - Ketan Kotadiya (Michigan)

I am so grateful to have had the extra care, attention, humor and expertise you’ve offered all the way through. You aren’t just ‘alternative’ – you’re simply the best. When I tell friends about any part of this journey – they can’t believe I’m talking about ‘realtors’ – and in fact it has felt more that I have good friends who just happen to do real estate. You’ve been fantastic Mukesh Ramani (Dubai)

We were very impressed with the service received from you personally and all the time and effort spent with us. We never once felt that we were just one of a long list of properties, you provided us with a very personal service. Even when making contact with your office, the staff knew who we were, which emphasized once again what a personal service your company offers Yogesh Bhesaniya (Ahmedabad)